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Stayfree Showcase #9

Well its 30th June,  exactly a year since our first Showcase and I’m please to say how much fun we have been having doing the

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Stayfree Showcase #8

This Showcase was all about pedal boards and plenty of sick guitar solos! The winner of the biggest pedal board goes to Mysterious Voices. I

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Stayfree Showcase #7

This was our very first all women Showcase! As Stayfree is the home of Unglamorous, we have plenty of amazing women bands to choose from

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Stayfree Showcase #6

We were back at The Big Difference last night with the First Showcase of the year, celebrating another set of talented young artists that rehearse

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Stayfree Christmas Party!

Having had a great success with the monthly Stayfree Showcases we decided to end the year with a Christmas Party at Firebug on 16th December.

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Stayfree Showcase #4

This was our first time at The Big Difference venue. I was very eager to put Showcases on at The Big Difference because it the

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Stayfree Showcase #3

Pheonixshire, 11 Years Tyranny, Wollow at Duffy’s Bar This month was all about Heavy Metal – Rock. Pheonixshire              

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Stayfree Showcase #2

Szyslak, Our Souls, First Wave at Firebug 29th July 2022 This was another great night of guitar rock with a punk edge to celebrate Stayfree’s

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First Wave

First Wave punk band started in 2002, their current line up; Dean Ross, Graham Warne and Tony Taylor have been together for the past 7

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