Stayfree Showcase #2

Stayfree Showcase #2

Szyslak, Our Souls, First Wave

at Firebug 29th July 2022

This was another great night of guitar rock with a punk edge to celebrate Stayfree’s 30th anniversary by showcasing some of the bands that rehearse or are based here. We think Firebug is a brilliant venue to see live bands and our second showcase gig was loud, energetic and atmospheric. With its high up stage and long band room, Firebug lets you get a close-up view and a meaningful mosh if you like, or you can stand well back and take in the great sound and the whole stage picture. But which rooms at Stayfree do these bands use? (Answer below)


Szyslak were first on stage, and for a drum and guitar duo, they make a mighty sound. With both band members doing vocals, the songs were fast, powerful and included several cover songs played in a unique way. The audience loved it!


Our Souls

The merch table was loaded with some cool Our Souls items which the audience snapped up after hearing the band. These guys have been together long enough to be one of Leicester’s more established punky alternative bands. Our Souls used recorded clips to great effect and their humour came across in their punchy short songs. There were great melodic bits from the two guitarists and the drum and bass were snapping along at a terrific rate – another hit with the crowd!



First Wave

Headliners First Wave were the real punk deal in their black denim, low slung guitars and power chords. The songs are about the modern world but have that authentic old-school sound like The Clash, with harmonies, shout outs and stomping rhythms. They’re well established around Leicester and can blast out the tuneful thrashing with all the right poses and attitude. Catch them soon, or check out their latest album.


Answer to the quiz – which rehearsal room?


Szyslak like the Pink Room

Our Souls are solid Blue Room

First Wave always go for Purple Room

So now you know!

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