Recording & Production

We work with and highly recommend the following studios. If you would like to book a session, please contact the studio directly

Specialising in urban music and electronic styles, B.A.V.S is a fully equipped multitrack studio, with isolated sound rooms and booth. You’ll be able to produce your own music with the options of recording live instrumentation with our in house engineer and team of talented industry recognised musicians. A carefully curated and hand built studio houses a beautifully creative atmosphere, perfect for professional musicians or budding enthusiasts looking to create their first record!



Joey is an established rock, metal and indie producer based in Leicestershire. Joey has recorded, produced and mixed lots of up and coming bands around Leicester including We Give In., EARLS, Voidwalker, Scumbag Lion, Until You Disappear, Graves, Unnatural Causes, One Still Standing and many more, earning a solid reputation in the process.

Visit for portfolio and more information.