Stayfree Showcase #3

Stayfree Showcase #3

Pheonixshire, 11 Years Tyranny, Wollow

at Duffy’s Bar

This month was all about Heavy Metal – Rock.









Eleven Years Tyranny

The pace quickened somewhat with death metal/ metalcore Eleven Years Tyranny. There was a permanent mosh pit throughout their set, hair was flying everywhere! Alex on vocals was charismatic. The band love to experiment with their songs, the highlight of the set being the saxophone solo. This may sound like a strange fit but it really worked!








There has been much anticipation this new band. The individuals themselves all well seasoned, amazing musicians, so putting them together in a room, only great things are gonna come out of it. The result being Wollow – Stoner Doom Rock.  The vocalist – range from soft melodic to deep throat scream and back again incredible.
An interest part of their set up was the electric drumkit – not what you expect from Doom Rock but it works for them. It was placed sideways on the stage so there was an interest perspective of the drummer at work.

They played a mesmerising 45 minute set, no more moshing, the crowd were listening intently to their amazing craftsmanship. In between each song was the chanting ‘Wollow Wollow Wollow!’

We are so pleased to have been able to give them their first gig, these guys are bound to be on every Metal festival next year, so keep you eye out for them on Metal to the Mases, Bloodstock, damn they should be on Download!

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