Stayfree Showcase #9

Stayfree Showcase #9

Well its 30th June,  exactly a year since our first Showcase and I’m please to say how much fun we have been having doing the event. This line up may look a bit eclectic from a distance but Jake from The People Assembly would only play a Showcase if they were to support The Verinos. I pointed out that Ruth wouldn’t want to go on that late and so he conceded to headlining the event. At the time we were discussing this Plastic Circus were rehearsing in the Purple Room and we both thought they sounded great and thus the Showcase line up was born.

As soon as Plastic Circus started to play, the moderately empty Firebug filled with people. They had a great modern Britpop 90s sound to them, these guys have just started gigging and have a new track out called ‘Ticking Over’


The Verinos, as usual, went down like a storm. With generations of followers, it makes for a great audience and the vibe was magic. There was plenty of ‘Verinos’ chanting and of course all the women were up on the stage for their song ‘Bet you wish you were in the band tonight’ I on this occasion didn’t go up as I needed to take photos 😉


Whilst filming The People Assembly, I managed to find myself in the mosh pit so forgive me if the video is a bit wobbly! We have been following The Peoples Assembly to a while and love their chaos energy. They really are masters of their artform, on the last song it once again descended into delicious chaos only to snap out of it into a sick riff like the six of them share one brain. Absolute joy to witness!

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