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From our Premises in Leicester, we have been providing band rehearsal services for almost 30 years. Ran by enthusiastic musicians, we hope to provide the best services we can for our local music community as well as regional and nationally. Our unique rehearsal rooms are bright and light and full of character, each room tailored to suit the needs of a wide variety of styles and preferences.

1st January 2022 – Covid Update
Following from the new restrictions due to the new strain of Covid-19, we would ask that all our customers wear masks whilst in the public areas of Stayfree. You do not need to wear a mask who whilst in your rehearsal room. We appreciate your accommodation.

9 Fully equipped rooms  ranging from £6 – £15 per hour

A wide range of guitar amps, bass amps, drum kits and vocal PAs.
Prices from £15 – £45 per day

Web Design for Musicians

Clean fresh designs tailored to your band with a great price – coming soon

11 Resident Rooms of varying sizes for either one band or two bands sharing.

Stayfree have  10 Locks Ups of varying sizes to hire by the month. Prices start at £10 per month

Our well stocked, competitively priced spares shop is full of all those items you might need in an emergency or ‘just in case’


Facilities at Stayfree

We have the privilege to be  working with great businesses to provide our customers with awesome services and opportunities all under one roof..

B.A.V.S Studios – Joey Whelan Productions – Digital Bass

Jack Freestone – MLC Academy – The Singers Club

With International Music Exam Board Rockschool. Hosted several times a quarter


Our Community

We are proud to be associated with the following community organisations.

Arclight Promotions

Helping give younger musicians more opportunity to get experience performing and the chance to showcase themselves

Take Over Radio

A community station run by young people for young people, playing the latest music and producing mixed content from talk shows through to speciality music shows.