Rehearsing by yourself?

Rehearsing by yourself?

Even if you are in a band, you may want to spend time rehearsing by yourself. In our experience we get a lot of drummers who like to get a few extra hours in between band practices.

So if you are by yourself, do you need to hire a rehearsal room? Well we are bound to say yes, but here are some reasons why:

Even if turned right down, there is always that worry about disturbing the neighbours. Or worse the fear of being overheard when you are trying to be in your zone. Recently I have read a few articles about councils putting restriction notices on musicians trying to practice at home because the neighbours have complained. Rehearsing at Stayfree, you are free to be loud, experimental and just go for it without the worry of anyone complaining.

Separate Spaces
Some people can compartmentalise and work well from home, but if you are like me, going somewhere like a rehearsal room to get the job done is way more productive. At home its easy to get distracted by chores but when you are in a rehearsal room, you are surrounded by instruments and it helps to keep your mind on the matters at hand. Chances are a rehearsal room is going to be a bit bigger and less cluttered than a living room so you have space to spread out and move around

Time Management
The advantages of booking a rehearsal room means that you are on the clock and you want to make the most of it, to be as productive as you can. Booking a rehearsal room is going to cost money, but here at Stayfree we want to help out single users by having a 50% discount on all rooms if you book between 12pm – 5pm, 7 days a week. That means you can rehearse for as little as £4.75 an hour.

Many of our solo customers call to book on the day or just pop down. With 8 rooms, there will always be space. So if you are feeling spontaneous, that’s great!

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