Can Chat GPT write songs?

Can Chat GPT write songs?

I downloaded Chat GPT a while ago to help me with a research project. After a while I wandered off what I was supposed to be doing and wondered whether it could actually write songs?

I gave it a title and a synopsis of a song I am currently working on to see what the results would be, and in 10 seconds, a three verse and chorus song appeared. It followed the storyline that I gave it, developing in the verses as it went along to come to a conclusion by the end. If I was a 13 year old girl I would be happy. But that’s it, its was childlike in its rhyming and simplistic in its lyrics. I tried various other ways to see if I could conjure up something more interesting or meaningful. It gave it its best shot but it wasn’t inspiring. As artists, I don’t think we have anything to worry about as far as lyrics are concerned.

It must have some use as a tool though right? Its a great rhyming dictionary, that’s nice. I could also discus with it ideas and get paragraphs of its thoughts on the matter, which is interesting to pull out some context.

Its quite a fun tool to play around with and I think I will continue to use it as a writing tool but as far as the complexities of human emotion go, I think we can tell the difference.


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