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Playing a Showcase

For the past couple of years we have been putting on Showcases at various venues around Leicester. The only criteria is that you have to

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2023 In Review

We had such a year of highs and lows, looking back at 2023 seems like a decade rather than just one year. In January the

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Stayfree Snowcase #13

The Stayfree Christmas Party at Firebug, or as we liked to call it ‘Stayfree Snowcase’ This was a great get together of customers and bands

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Stayfree Showcase #12

First on tonight at The Big Difference was the beautiful Joyce Embers. This was her first billing as usually she plays a lot of open

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Sound Glossary

When you first start out rehearsing and performing on stage, there’s a ton of new words to get your head round. We thought we would

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Stayfree Showcase #11

This is the first of two showcases at The Big Difference this Autumn. This months line up starts with Pretty Dirty Rats, one of the great

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Stayfree Showcase #10

This was our first showcase at OMC Music Venue on Frog Island, by far the easiest one to transport equipment to as I just have

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Which guitar amp?

Here at Stayfree we have a wide range of amps to choose from because every band is different. But how do you know which amp

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Stayfree Showcase #9

Well its 30th June,  exactly a year since our first Showcase and I’m please to say how much fun we have been having doing the

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Stayfree Showcase #8

This Showcase was all about pedal boards and plenty of sick guitar solos! The winner of the biggest pedal board goes to Mysterious Voices. I

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Stayfree Showcase #7

This was our very first all women Showcase! As Stayfree is the home of Unglamorous, we have plenty of amazing women bands to choose from

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Stayfree Showcase #6

We were back at The Big Difference last night with the First Showcase of the year, celebrating another set of talented young artists that rehearse

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