National Media Love Stayfree’s Black Room

National Media Love Stayfree’s Black Room

Black Room Libertines gear ready for pre-tour rehearsal

We set up our unique Black Room to help bands prepare for live shows, with a raised stage, lighting and monitor-style vocal pa. It’s definitely got the Wow! factor when we show visitors around, and many professional-level bands hire it out for a couple of days prior to national tours. Recent clients include Prolapse, Calm The Storm and The Libertines. We’ve also had tribute bands including Elvis Presley, and Pet Shop Boys rehearse their acts in the Black Room as well as local acts wanting to perfect their stage presence.

Calm The Storm having a break
Black Room with lights
Prolapse arrive for 2 days of rehearsals

In the last few weeks it’s been different though, because the Black Room has turned into the perfect backdrop for the all-women bands of Unglamorous Music to show their garage rock style. First there was Channel Five News filming a jam session and interviewing different band members for two hours on Thursday and then The Guardian sent a photographer down to Stayfree to capture about 20 women snarling, waving drumsticks and guitars and showing that you’re never too old to form a band.

Picture in The Guardian article about Unglamorous Music
Once the Channel 5 News filming was done, reporter Bradley and Cameraman Chris wanted to have a go in the Black Room!
More punk fun!


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