Band Bingo – the Glitch Magnet game

Band Bingo – the Glitch Magnet game

A few weeks ago I was chatting with Glitch Magnet in reception and they mentioned that they had ticked off another item of their band bingo. I enquired what that meant; they explained that Band Bingo is where you collate a list of all the achievements you would like to accomplish as a band and tick them off as they happen. I thought this concept was so cool I had to share it with you.

They can be anything you like, from playing your first gig, getting radio play, having a radio interview, having a review on a website etc, Its a great way to focus on what you want to do as a band but also take note of the mile stones as you progress.

Here are some items Glitch Magnet recently ticked off their bingo;

  • Shout out on a radio show
  • Have music on Bandcamp
  • 10 pieces of merch sold
  • Have a music video on YouTube

‘But there are still things on our band bingo yet to tick off’ Estelle the bassist tells,  ‘for example playing at a festival or having a single out’

It sound like this ambitious band will tick off all their boxes in the fullness of time though, these are women on a mission

You can fine out more about Glitch Magnet on Facebook or Linktree



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