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The Rehearsal Rooms


Black Room

The Black Room is laid out in a stage format, its ideal for that last minute rehearsal before a gig. Many bands compliment it on helping them practice their ‘stage presence or as we call it ‘rehearsing the gaps. The PA is all floor monitoring, being the closest you can get to live performance without actually doing a gig, from a sound perspective as well as practically.

Equipment  includes;  Peavey mixing desk with Samsung monitors • Marshall JCM900 head and cab • BlackStar Series One 6L6 head with Trace Elliot cab • Trace Elliot GP7 Bass head and 2x cabs • Pearl Vision drumkit

White Room

The White Room is our biggest conventional rehearsal room. Designed as more of a mono canvas than some of the other rooms, but with a metallic square spiral grid on the ceiling

Size: 35sq m / 375sq ft

Equipment  includes; Behringer mixing desk with Peavey monitors • Laney Ironheart head and cab • Marshall JCM 900 head and cab • Bugera head and cab • Ashdown Bass head and cab • Pearl Export Drumkit


Target Room

So called the Target Room as it has a massive (hand painted) mod style/ RAF Target on the ceiling. This is one our larger rooms, situated on the 1st floor, its light and bright and roomy. This PA is good for playing backing tracks through.

Size:  35sq m / 375sq ft

Equipment  includes; Peavey Mixing Desk with Samsung Monitors • Marshall JCM 900 Guitar Combo • BlackStar HT Stage 100 Guitar Combo • Mark Bass Combo • Fender Bassman •Pearl Vision Drumkit

Pink Room

Some people recoil in horror, others absolutely love the decor. You might not want to paint your bedroom like it, but its a lot of fun to rehearse in. Just for good measure the feature wall in this room is a larva lamp design. 

Size:  28sq m / 300sq ft

Equipment  includes; Behringer PA and Speakers • Marshal JCM900 Head and Cab • Blackstar Guitar Combo • Laney Bass Combo • Hiwatt Bass stack • Pearl Export Drumkit

Blue Room

 The Blue Room is much more calming, with its shades of blue and stars on the ceiling. This room is nice for more for chilled out rehearsals This is a good sized mid ranged room, the same price as the Orange Room

Size: 33sq m / 350sq ft

Equipment  includes; Behringer PA with Peavey Speakers • Blackstar head and cab • Peavey XSR Head and Cab • Marshall Code 100 Guitar Combo • Behringer Ultrabass Head and Cab • Pearl Export Drumkit

Orange Room

 This room is like rehearsing in a circus tent with its orange and yellow stripes on the walls and ceiling. Yes it might sound a bit on the vibrant side but it is the most popular room, we find bright colours helps with creativity

Size:  33sq m / 350sq ft

Equipment  includes; Behringer PA with Peavey Speakers • Fender HotRod Guitar Combo • Orange Crush 120 Head and Cab • Orange Crush 100 bass combo • Pearl Export Drumkit

Purple Room

We appreciate that not everyone wants to rehearse in crazy pinks or orange, so welcome to the Purple Room. Its a darker more subtle room situated on the 1st floor, although it does benefit from daylight so its not gloomy. 

Size:  28sq m / 300sq ft

Equipment  includes; Behringer PA and Speakers • Ephiphone head and cab • Fender Champion combo • Line 6 Spider IV combo • Harke head and cab • Peavey TKO Bass  Combo • Pearl Export Drumkit

Green Room

If you’ve got green spots in from of your eyes, you might not be ill, you might be in the Green Room! This is our smallest/ cheapest room. Its ideal for individuals/ duos/ trios/ jamming/ writing/ auditioning etc. We would recommend no more than four people in the room and heavy/ thrash metal should be avoided.

Size:  17sq m / 180sq ft

Equipment  includes; Behringer PA and Speakers • Marshall AVT Guitar stack • Peavey Bandit 112 • Line 6 Spider III Combo • Line 6 Bass Combo • Pearl Export Drumkit

Equipment supplied

Drum extras

We have available in reception cymbals, felts, wing nuts, and clutches. If you would like to borrow for your rehearsal, please just ask at reception. They are free to use.

We have drumsticks available in our shop at £4.00 each. We sometimes have drumsticks available to borrow but cannot guarantee it.

Guitars, cables, microphones

We have guitar, mic and audio cables available in reception  for customers to borrow.

The microphones available to borrow are bleached washed between uses

We have guitars and basses available to hire at £2 per rehearsal












£16.50 per hour

£16.00 per hour

£14.50 per hour

£13.50 per hour

£13.50 per hour

£13.50 per hour

£12.50 per hour

£9.50 per hour

Offers and discounts

Student Discount

Students can get 10% off the price of a rehearsal room, we require half the band to have valid Student or NUS cards

Single User Discount

All of our rooms are half price to single users 7 days a week between the hours of 12pm and 5pm

Loyalty Cards

Anyone can sign up to our loyalty card scheme. We give one stamp per paid hour, once the book has 8 stamps it can be used to pay for 1 hour in any room at any time

Special Discounts

If you are a tutor or a group organiser and you want to block book our facilities, please get in touch and we can look at how we can help you

Discounts cannot be used with any other offer. Only one discount at a time I am afraid, However you can use a Loyalty card whenever you like