Meet the staff

We are a team of local artists and musicians dedicated to serving our local music community. We are entirely independent and are proud that everything we have built at Frog Island is from providing rehearsals facilities for thousands of local musicians over the past 28 years!

Ian Redhead
Managing Director

aka Otis Oblivion

Founder of Stayfree Music

Singer in Leicester Greebo Band ‘The Hunters Club’

Caroline Wright

aka Caroline McLavy

Singer songwriter of electropop/ synthpop music

Max Mead

Rehearsal Room Assistant/Engineer

Bassist/Vocalist in Shelley’s Monster

Jake Skemp

Rehearsal Rooms Assistant
Songwriter/ Guitarist/ Synth in the The People Assembly
Member of Flies Over Mimoyeques

Bradley Jordan

Singer/ Songwriter/ Guitarist in Dum Language

Joe Doyle

Rehearsal Rooms Assistant
Singer songwriter, in bands Elysian, Siobhan Mazzei. Session Musician, Producer and Promotor

Jarel Gopal

Rehearsal Rooms Assistant
Singer/ Drummer
Promoter/ Editor at Crowded Music

Suzanne Rowland

Bassist and Violinist in band Sarah and the Ex. Prominent figure on the Leicester Comedy Scene

Steve aka The Beast

Bassist in The Hunters Club