Playing a Showcase

Playing a Showcase

For the past couple of years we have been putting on Showcases at various venues around Leicester. The only criteria is that you have to rehearse here 🙂

If you would like to play at a Showcase then email or message us, it would be good if you could link us into your socials or one or two of your songs. A lot of bands first gig is on a Showcase so if you are short of material don’t worry, just do the best you can.

The first four Showcases are being organised right now, we have the following dates booked:-
Thursday March 28th at Duffys (One support slot still available)
Wednesday 17th April at The Real Ale ClassRoom  – The Shotts, Black Annis, Miss Kicks
Thursday 30th May at The Big Difference (one slot still available)
Thursday 27th June at OMC Music Venue (slots still available)

We will again be doing a FREE event with donations being raised for charity. This year we will be raising money for LOROS

In 2023 we organised 8 Showcases, with 24 bands and artists performing.
Check out our reviews and the bands themselves below:-

Stayfree Showcase #6Duke Springs, Subtle Calamity, The Societys
Stayfree Showcase #7 – The Wonky Portraits, Dada Women, Boilers
Stayfree Showcase #8 – Tyburn, True Zero (Mute the Silence), Mysterious Voices
Stayfree Showcase #9The People Assembly, The Verinos, Plastic Circus
Stayfree Showcase #10Natural Blondes, Venus Attax, Acute Echo
Stayfree Showcase #11Stonedead Villains, Dum Language, Pretty Dirty Rats
Stayfree Showcase #12The Fog, Spellgaze, Joyce Embers
Stayfree Snowcase #13Side Project, Frieda, Mental Load




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