Stayfree Showcase #17

Stayfree Showcase #17

This Showcase was always going to be a bit varied and I think multiple genres was the theme on the night.

The opening band –The Jinxy Trixterz played their first gig and smashed it! The trio was accompanied ‘Chris’ the drum machine – who was front and centre.   They played a mixture of originals and covers, none of which was 90’s rap but that was the vibe I took away. I would describe this band  as a very polite indie Beastie Boys.

Instagram @thejinxytrixsterz


Sculptures jumped in as we had a late change of line up. They were definitely the loudest of the night with heavy screamo metal. Their performance was energetic and passionate.


The headliners: The Double R 5 again took influences from different genres. Their core being punk rock but they had songs with great rock and roll riffs and others with reggae. They pulled everything together with great style. However their songs we very punk based with many topics being around social and economical subjects


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