The Red Room is Reopening!!!

The Red Room is Reopening!!!

Staff members Ethan and Archie got to have a rehearsal in The Red Room a few days before its grand opening in June 1st.

It was closed in 2021 because it was tired and a bit ‘too red.’ We used it as a workshop/ store room that rapidly turned into the junk room. Our new years resolution was to refurb and reopen the room. It took a couple of months to repurpose the contents of the room before we could get started on it but we are so pleased with the results.

The Red Room is £11.50 per hour which in priced in between our smallest – Green Room and the smallest of the mid ranged rooms – The Purple Room.

It was a brand new Behringer PA, Line 6 Spider IV guitar combo, Laney LX guitar combo, Peavy TNT bass combo and pearl export fitted drumkit.

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