Stayfree Showcase #14

Stayfree Showcase #14

The first our our events this year kicked off at Duffy’s Bar. And I thought with a heavy line up with headliners Independent Trucking would mean a lot of head bobbing. I was not prepared for all the dancing

The very lovely Boilermen started us off, by their own omission, they are owed by the epic Unglam band – Boilers. By which we mean they are the husbands of. Boilermen have their own unique sound of short loud punchy songs.

Instagram  @weareboilermen

Skeyth inadvertently brought with them a following of bright young things that would gather in the corner near the entrance and then randomly run out and have a little mosh before all scuttling back to their corner. I’ve seen a lot of mosh pits and beat downs, but this I would call this a bounce down as they proceeded to just bounce off each other. Much to the entertainment of the rest of the audience.

Facebook  @Skeyth


By the time Independent Trucking came to the stage, the audience was well warmed up and we all just danced away to the instrumentals of the post-rock doom band like we were listening to pop songs. The whole night was a lot of fun!

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