The Exhibition – Lillie House

The Exhibition – Lillie House

Lillie House opened as Stayfree Music on 1st September 1995. The building had previously been the Inland Revenue from 1926 – 1990. We occupied 1a Conduit Street which was the top three floors above Sheehans Music.

The First Floor consisted of Reception, Stayfree Cyber Cafe, Stayfree Internet, and office space
The Second Floor was Cordelia Studios, Memphis Studio, Arcane studio and artspace which later was redeveloped as more hourly rooms
The Third Floor was hourly rehearsal rooms and resident rooms

Initially we opened up 5 hourly rehearsal rooms, between 2002 – 2004 they were decorated with their colour scheme that we continue to use today

Room 311, later The Orange Room
Room 300, later The Black Room/ Stage Room
Room 315, later The Blue Room












In 2006 we refurbished the 2nd floor to create 4 more rehearsal rooms. The first two to open were 204 and 205

Room 204, later The Pink Room
Room 205, later The White Room







In 2007 we opened 203 (later The Target Room) and The Purple Room. By this time we dropped the numbers on the rooms and advertised by colour. We also created The Black Room/

The Stage Room. By the end of 2007 we had 9 fully equipped hourly rehearsal room. We moved to Frog Island in 2009, carrying forward the room themes

The Black Room/ The Stage Room

We made a lot of changes to Lillie House through our 14 year tenure, as shown below by our floorplans



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