Rehearsal Rooms in Leicester since 1992

From our Premises in Leicester, we have been providing band rehearsal services for almost 30 years. Ran by enthusiastic musicians, we hope to provide the best services we can for our local music community as well as regional and nationally. Our unique rehearsal rooms are bright and light and full of character, each room tailored to suit the needs of a wide variety of styles and preferences.

Local Road Closure

Please be aware the inbound side of the road on Frog Island is closed for the next two months. You can still access Stayfree, our side of the road (outbound) is open. I would urge everyone to check Google Maps to find the best route and allow more time to get to us.


Recording and Production

Beats and Vocal

Music Tuition

Vocals, Piano
Guitar, Bass,

Rock School Exams


Thursday March 28th

Duffy's Bar


Wednesday April 17th

Real Ale Classroom

Thursday 30th May

The Big Difference



Collecting Donations for LOROS


Stayfree Blog

Playing a Showcase

For the past couple of years we have been putting on Showcases at various venues around Leicester. The only criteria is that you have to

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2023 In Review

We had such a year of highs and lows, looking back at 2023 seems like a decade rather than just one year. In January the

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Stayfree Snowcase #13

The Stayfree Christmas Party at Firebug, or as we liked to call it ‘Stayfree Snowcase’ This was a great get together of customers and bands

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We are proud to be associated with the following community organisations.

Getting women playing instruments, forming bands, writing music and playing gigs, recording their music.
A great change to meet like minded women and have a lot of fun!

Arclight Promotions

Helping give younger musicians more opportunity to get experience performing and the chance to showcase themselves

Adventure Playgrounds

Highfields Adventure Playground and Woodgate Adventure Playground are both children's charities . They are free access and cater for children 6 to 14 years after school and during holidays. They provide a wide range of supervised play activities and equipment with indoor and outdoor play areas

Take Over Radio

A community station run by young people for young people, playing the latest music and producing mixed content from talk shows through to speciality music shows.



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