What kit to bring

What kit to bring

The great thing about rehearsing at Stayfree is flexibility! You can bring ALL the kit or NONE of the kit and our friendly staff are here to help. We have 30 years experience in helping bands get started quickly, and we know how annoying it is when you’ve forgotten something.

If you are complete beginners, you can book a session and hire instruments, leads, all the drum kit, keyboard, amps and pa. If it’s your first time, then a member of staff will talk you through and help you set up in the room. If you can’t work out how to switch on, or are having problems, just ask at reception and we’ll soon get it sorted!

Most musicians bring their own guitars, basses and leads. We have a range of different amplifiers across our rooms that might suit different sounds, and will be posting some videos to show you the capabilities of each. Sure, bring your own effects pedals and boards if you use them. Our mini-shop sells spare picks, strings etc and if you’ve forgotten a keyboard stand, guitar strap or a lead, just ask at reception.

In all rooms the drum shells, stands, snare and bass pedal are supplied and you can borrow a cymbal pack free of charge when you arrive at reception. Ask for guidance if you’re not certain about how to set up the cymbals. As drummers get more serious, they tend to bring their own pedal, snare and cymbals, but if you’re popping in for a lunchtime practise, our standard kits are perfectly good. We also sell drumsticks if you’ve forgotten them!

We supply disinfected microphones and leads free of charge when you book a room, and can help you set up the pa to get the right vocal effects when you first visit. If you need three or more microphone stands or mics, just let us know when you book and that should be possible. More experienced singers and bands usually invest in their own microphones. You can connect a phone or laptop to our pa systems for backing, click tracks etc. You’ll need to bring an audio lead if you have one of the most recent phones, but we have a selection of other connectors.

Our rooms are checked after every band, so if you accidentally leave something behind etc, we’ll keep it safe and call you.

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