Based in the heart of the Leicester community, Stayfree aims to help non-musicians and less experienced players develop confidence and skills. With a little instruction, coaching and support, it’s possible to get started towards your dream of playing in a band, writing your own songs or getting up on stage. Our forthcoming programme of workshops will be ideal for anyone who’s ever wanted to give it a try.

Whether you’re still at school, a college or university student, someone looking for a weekend hobby, an adult wanting to explore creativity, a bunch of friends set on fame and fortune, or older adults with time to rock, taking part in a formal or informal workshop is a great starting-point.

If you call in or phone Caroline, she’ll be able to suggest a tailored one-off session, tuition from one of our experts, or workshop sessions where you could meet potential band-mates.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-15 at
Drum tutor Jack Freestone’s set-up
Unglamorous beginner session for women December 2021

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